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A destination wedding is all about marrying the love of your life while being thousands of miles away from home. Whether you’re planning a wedding at a beach resort, a heritage palace (turned into a luxury hotel), or a quiet hillside house, BonzerWorld offers the most affordable and best destination wedding packages in India.

Why Are Destination Wedding Packages Becoming Popular In India?

Destination weddings are no longer the preserve of the super-rich and affluent in India; plenty of middle-class Indians desire to tie the knot at an exotic location. With over 10 million marriages taking place each year, couples are looking for weddings that their guests will remember for a long time! In fact, Goa and Rajasthan are some of the most popular choices for couples looking for destination wedding packages in India.

With destination weddings, you hit two birds with one stone – not only do you get to enjoy your wedding at a gorgeous location, but you also save money. Yes, you read that right! Destination weddings are far less expensive than conventional Indian weddings, thanks to our customized destination wedding packages in India.

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